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Welcome to the future of cinema staff scheduling.

A world first from Vista Entertainment Solutions, MovieTeam is an elegantly simple, cloud-based application that takes the guesswork out of scheduling.

MovieTeam, where everyone is in control

Corporate Managers set the parameters

HQ gains total visibility; they set and monitor compliance policies across all cinemas taking into account site variations. Configured alerts ensure everything stays in control and on budget.

Theatre Managers set the scheduling

Make decisions with more information than ever before: show times, seasonal demands, movie popularity, staff skills and availability. If anything needs to change throughout the week, MovieTeam suggests the next best option.

Staff set their availability

Give the team schedules that work with their lifestyle via mobile, desktop, or even a printout on the break room noticeboard. Shifts are seamlessly reassigned should a change be requested.

MovieTeam is enhanced with the following features when integrated with Vista:

View scheduled films

See ticket sales in advance

Validate staff attendance
View hours worked, overtime, and labor cost data

Make staff scheduling simple. Talk to us.